Friday 27 April 2007

Another one bites the dust!

Happy to say that is another week done with! It's all been quite busy. Was very happy to discover this afternoon that my client doesn't want the cost until Tuesday morning... which give the outstanding prices time to come back. Good stuff.

My boss just raced off to get to the airport... happy to report to us that the Jubilee Line wasn't reporting any delays. So, that means he has jinxed it for the rest of us!!!

I'm off too in a moment. Rich and I are going to Ikea to get a new bed. The bed we have now came from Ikea about 6 and a half years ago. It was the cheapest that could be got. It is now starting to show it's age... every time I get in or out of bed there are most alarming creaking noises! It's like sleeping on a 15th Century ship with all the creaking timber!

The strangeset thing. I laddered my tights this morning, so had to pop out to Boots at lunchtime to get some more. The cardboard insert which the tights wrap around in the packet had INSTRUCTIONS for putting on a pair of tights. What is the world coming to!

Looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend this weekend. No football to go to... as Charlton are playing away to Blackburn. I feel guilty for not going as over 6,000 people are... the club are laying on free/subsidised travel. They had better win, that is all I can say!

Talking about rubbish sport... the Yankees are languishing at the bottom of the AL East, after failing to score against Toronto last night. I always maintain that April doesn't matter, and it is where you are in October that counts... but it sill sucks that the table is upside down!