Sunday 15 April 2007

HTML Hell and so on

The advent of our new computer has brought many trials and tribulations... not least of which is the demise of FrontPage. I've been using FrontPage to do my web pages since I started with programming, pretty much. It had just the right balance of WYSISYG and html. Sadly FrontPage was discontinued in 2003. That didn't matter until now... however, our new "Student and Home" version of Office 2007 is the most basic you can get (also by several hundred pounds the cheapest) but there is only Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Nothing for making webpages. So we went in search of new programmes on Filtered by licence (free) and OS (Vista) there wasn't much choice... and certainly nothing with the functionality I require. So... I've had to bite the bullet and use Dreamweaver, which has been sitting untouched on our computer since we got it several years ago. Cannot complain about any lack of functionality, however, it sure is intimidating. I guess I'll get there in the end though!

Just waiting for the Grand Prix now (only about four hours away) - and then I think it will back to my games consoles... have been playing the Da Vinci code this week after nearly a years break!!!