Tuesday 17 April 2007

It's all about manners

There are many things in life which annoy me (ask anyone who knows me!). I have come to the conclusion that a lot of them are simply down to bad manners.

Example 1: I went to Sainsbury's last night as the meat I had for dinner had gone off, and I really (really) wanted lamb for tea. So I decided to 'pop' to the Supermarket and at the same time do the weekly shop (as I know that work this week will be beyond mental). It was quite busy (at around 8:45pm) and there were a few people queueing at each check out. I joined one that appeared to have a reasonably competent operator and people without too much shopping... and whilst we queued the girl who was one from the front wandered off. The customer being served paid for her shopping and left, and the checkout came to a halt as the owner of the next goods had, simply, vanished. She evetually reappeared (with the bottle of mouthwash she had clearly forgotten)... but not a single apology to the two people (not very patiently) waiting in the queue. Absolute bad manners to a) walk off in the first place and b) fail to apologise.

Example 2: This morning on the way to work I was confronted by yet more examples of this complete and utter disregard for anyone else. Having finally managed to navigate the East Greenwich Roadworks on the bus we turned into the road running down towards the tunnel approach only to find it chock-full of traffic - obviously some problem in the tunnel was backing up the traffic. First instance of lack of manners, the van who pulled into the bus lane as he was obviously far too important to queue... not so bad as it didn't really affect anybody (except him if he gets a £60 fine for contravening the bus lane, ha ha!). Next instance - not observing the box junction. I don't know if these are a global phenomenon in case they are not here is how it works... a box is painted on the road, hatched in yellow. The rule is that you do not enter the box unless your exit is clear. This is designed to keep traffic flowing at jucntions (generally signal controlled). There are several of these are around the slip road onto the tunnel approach... if they are not observed the traffic basically gridlocks, as nobody can move when the lights are green as they are blocked by traffic from the phase that has just turned red! The traffic, of course, stopped. Bah!

Example 3: the whole of London's commuting population which refuses (despite years and years of public service tannoy annoucements) to let customers off the train first! It is such a fight every morning!

Well, that is my whinge for the day. Got back to work this morning after my long weekend to find my desk was refreshingly as tidy as I had left it. Futher, no urgent items requiring my attention had come to light, so I only have the impossibly long 'to do' list from last week, instead of the extend version!