Wednesday 11 April 2007

What a lot of noise

It's got to that time of year, already, where the central heating in the building isn't turned off even though the weather is quite mild. Even with all the radiators in the office switched off it is still far too hot! This means having the windows open in order that we don't melt... not the day for it today. At least two buildings in the street are undergoing renovation work at the moment, one of which currently has a very efficient human chain removing the rubbish to the lorry parked outside (hope they've got a permit for that otherwise the parking warden will be there momentarily). In addition to the demolishing, drilling, banging and disposing racket going on there was some sort of demonstration going on. Could just see some people with loudspeakers when I leaned out the window... couldn't really hear what they were shouting about as the loudspeakers were distorting their message! I think that they were outside one of the (many) airlines in Mayfair. They kept it up for a good half hour before they eventually stopped. Presumably the Police finally moved them on! I'm all for free speech... but not a top volume outside my office!!!

We've just been having discussion in our office of the London Transport system. The newest member of staff is from South Africa, and finds the whole London experience quite different. Today's question was (after a long debate about the best way to get to Regent's Park) - do they ever turn the heating off in the Underground? Oh yes, we assured her, when it gets to about June I'm sure they'll get around to it!

I was interested to read an article in the newspapers this week about a survey taken of Londoners seven months after the 7/7 bombings. 11% of respondents were 'substantially stressed' and 43% thought that their lives were in danger. I was pleased to find out that I wasn't the only one. It took me a year after the events before I could manage to get on the underground again. Even now, I don't think I'll ever be entirely comfortable with the underground again.

Conversation in the office has now moved on to the cost of socks! We were discussing the price of the shops in Mayfair and the fact that you could buy a pair of socks in Prada (or Gucci, or one of those) for £30. The South-African pointed out that she bought 6 pairs in the supermarket for £2 - and that they would probably last longer! I agreed with her. I pointed out if you spent £30 on a pair of socks you'd probably only be able to afford one pair, which you'd then have to wash every day... and they would soon wear out. I've found with clothes, unlike with moisturiser, that cost doesn't always equate to quality!!!

So, I have to go back to report compilation - having finished writing the thing I've now got to copy letters and so forth to go into seven appendices, in three copies... I'm not even thinking about how much paper that is!!! Oh yes, and my futile efforts to cross things off my 'to do' list. I write one at the beginning of every week.. I used to do one every day - but I kept finding entries which said "see Monday" so I decided that one a week would probably suffice. Does that mean I never get anything done?!

Nothing much on TV tonight until Desperate Housewives at 11pm. Oh well. I'd tell you how good Life on Mars was, but you might not have watched it last night and might be saving your videotape for tonight, so I'll save that for another day!