Tuesday 1 May 2007

Dreary Day

Today was never going to go well. I woke up unrealistically early (2am) with a headache. So, I went downstairs to get paracetemol. Unfotunately in the dark I picked up ibuprofen instead. Unfortunately because I am allergic to ibuprofen. Fortunately I noticed after taking one (the tablet was smoother and rounder the paracetemol). A very unpleasant few hours followed, my allergic reaction is similar to asthma... I did try and go back to bed, but gave up around 5am. So - eventually I decided to go to work. I forgot (again) that the 422 is still 'out of bounds'. The abandonment of the Blackwall Tunnel tidal-flow has had an extremely negative impact on the 422 route. Less so than previously as they have built some kind of bus lane... but still a good extra 20 minutes on the journey. Note to self: no 422 in the mornings!!!

Got to work to face what turned out to be a day of recalcitrant computers. My computer is the best in the office. Dual core processor, etc. etc. But the amount of things that I tried to have it do at once crashed it several times. I spent a very tedious morning attempting to translate drawings which were variously in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish... none of which, needless to say, I speak.

Summer has definitely come to London. I went for a little work along Albemarle Street at lunchtime. Not really sunny enough as the road is too narrow and the buildings too tall to let much sun down!

The new bed is continuing to prove value for money. The extra space means that I no longer nearly fall out of bed several times a night... however my Lumie seems to be having some sort of electrical problems, it randomly keeps switching itself off... which is no good for an alarm clock!!!