Wednesday 7 March 2007

Wednesday already!

I saw an excellent story in the paper this morning about a woman with a dog walking business in North London who transports the canines to Hampstead Heath in her own black cab! There was a lovely picture of several dogs sitting in the back of the taxi! That is innovation, apparently she was fed up of the mess of transporting half a dozen dogs in the back of her car!

London Busses continued to confound this morning. For some reason the 486 route has now dropped of the electronic indicator which shows busses arriving in the next 15 minutes. Very annoying. For some reason the last few days it has been particularly unreliable as well! Ended up going to Charlton Station, where I intended to catch a train (only to find them all cancelled) and getting a bus there.

Had the world's longest meeting today - nearly 4 hours. Actually, I've had longer, it is just disproportionate due to the immensely SMALL size of the project. At least we got sandwiches, even if they were pretty indifferent ones from Pret. (Pret who don't butter their bread when they are making sandwiches!)

Has anyone noticed the London Eye. I'm sure it isn't news to most people, but I noticed the other day that a) the lights have gone red and b) one if the capsules has also gone red. I'm going to take a wild guess that it is for Red Nose Day (which must be really soon, as they've been advertising for MONTHS!)

The saga of VM continues. Having got an aerial that will get the Freeview box a picture we have decided to now cancel the second box. Easier said than done. After giving the man on their customer no-service line my details several times over and going through all the security checks he then told me that he was transferring me to another department who might want to do more security checks. So, he had to verify my identity in order to press the transfer button on his phone. Whatever. After several minutes of recorded messages, and being warned that waiting times might be in excess of 20 minutes the stupid recorded message didn't bother to let me queue any more, and hung up on me. Grr!