Monday 12 March 2007

Lovely weekend

That was a lovely, relaxing weekend... didn't really seem long enough though! Went out on Saturday morning to go to the bank (big waste of time on a Saturday without an appointment) and to go and pick my engagement ring up from the jewellers (hurrah, it is fixed!). Did a bit of other shopping too, whilst we were out (just a few 'spring' tops for work). Don't know what happened to the rest of Saturday, next thing I know it is Saturday night, and of course, we're watching movies. I vaguely remember enjoying the movies, but I cannot for the life of me think what on earth I was watching!!!

Sunday morning I got up and watched "The Devil Wears Prada" which was an hour and a half of fun... then I went shopping, again!

Spent the afternoon out in the garden, the heron has been coming back, and so the pond needed 'netting up' to dissaude the heron from thinking we are providing an all you can eat buffet. The first order of business was to clear out the leaves and debris that had collected over the winter, and pull the netting that was there taught again. Slight problem arose at this point... the frogs of the pond were in the process of repopulating the pond, and had decided that the netting made the ideal tadpole nursery. In the end we had to cut the netting around the frogspawn and leave the rest there! All the fish came out at this point... a real shoal of them - lots of wee brown ones, with only a handful of actual 'gold' fish. Was pleased also to see Jaws again... worry every winter that the herons or foxes will have made a meal of him. Jaws is a huge carp. He is pretty much king of the pond. There used to be Jaws II as well, but Jaws II was found last summer on the path in an apparent suicide. Very sad. We managed to get netting over the whole pond, and left the frogs to their repopulation project.

Was utterly exhausted by all this exercise, it must be said, but the garden is totally looking ready for Spring now.

Two Frogs

The Shameless Pidgeon

Another Frog