Wednesday 14 March 2007

Back to normality (almost)

The evil (and huge) tender document which has been dominating our lives for the last couple of weeks finally left the office yesterday. This means that life can return to normal for the forseeable future (until the next crisis, anyway)!

I had to get the bus to work this morning, as TfL's text alert service warned me that there were severe delays on the Jubilee Line. I was impressed to see the urban-fox which shot through the traffic on St. George's Road (which is the equivalent of about four lanes of traffic) which immense finesse. Obviously not the first time he/she had taken that route!

Early morning amusement was provided by one of the extremely noisey children on the bus who fell feet over head (literally) into the luggage rack. All that was visible were his feet. Further amusement was provided by the fac that this happened at the stop where a gentleman who appeared to be one of the school's teachers got on the bus. He looked at the feet, wished the boy a 'good morning' and expressed the wish that he had his camera phone handy! I'd like to say that I'm sure that as a school child commuting daily on the bus I was better behaved than the children I encountered today... but I'm afraid I probably wasn't. My friends and I would colonize the back of the bus (which on those old busses had to benches facing with one along the back) and make all sorts of racket. Fortunately I think that particular bus was almost exclusively school kids! Each route was supposed to have a 'travel prefect' responsible for the behaviour of pupils from the school... I'm not sure that this ever happened though... it certainly didn't when I reached that elevated status!

Rich and I are embarking on the quest for a new bed. It has begun and ended at Ikea... we've found one we really like, but the problem with Ikea is that you have to GO there to put the thing on a trolley (two person task) and take it to home delivery. Wondering if we can hold out until the on-line shopping starts for London - but the bedframe is making very alarming creaking noises... I'm worried that it may be at the end of its useful life!

I finally remembered the movies watched at the weekend... the much awaited Children of Men and Thank You For Smoking.

Children of Men
Starring: Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine
The world is a pretty depressing place - mankind is about to become extinct as the world has become infertile. It was all a abit dissapointing as I'd really been looking forward to it... the acting was first class, but the story line - well, there wasn't much of one, a lot wasn't really explained properly - and although I knew that they shot in Woolwich I never spoted any bits I recongnized. Was left with that vague - what's the point feeling at the end. Only 3/10 for this one.

Thank You For Smoking
Starring: Aaron Eckhart
Basically the story is about a spin doctor with the uphill job of putting a positive slant on tobacco. The film was reasonably amusing... certainly not one I'd go out and buy (obviously the ultimate accolade) but a pleasant enough diversion. I give it 7/10.

This weekend's movies are Little Miss Sunshine and The Presige. Greatly looking forward to both!