Tuesday 20 March 2007

Winter is back!

It would appear that winter has returned... just as the weather-men predicted it would. Gosh, it really has turned cold!

Such lovely weather for the weekend (well, mostly). We had a real garden emergency at the weekend. I wandered out into the garden on Saturday morning - only to find that the bottom of the pond had turned a really toxic shade of green! We hot-footed it off to the pet store (for the 2nd time in about 12 hours) and bought a preparation that guaranteed to rid us of our problem. We applied the the liquid to the pond, and went back inside (as it was threatening to rain). When we went back out a couple of hours later the chemicals were already working... and the surface of the pond was covered with the remains of algae ready for us to 'scoop' off. This of course required the removal of the netting so carefully applied the previous weekend. The frog-spawn so enthusiastically laid the previous weekend was already mostly dead... but once the floating remains of the algae was removed it all looked much better. Better, that is until I went back outside on Sunday morning, to find the bottom of the pond was once again green! Hopefully this cold snap will help with the problem!

All in all a topsy-turvy weekend. Sunday football meant that the weekend was all back to front. Just managed to fit in the tape of the Australian grand-prix... not the most exciting race ever... although I found the moment went David Couthard's Red Bull 'flew' over the top of Alexander Wurz's car very amusing... especially when upon one of the replays the commentator drily observed the Red Bull really had given the car wings.

Much as I object to Sunday football games, and indeed lunch time kick-offs it turned out to be worth it this weekend. Charlton continued their excellent run of form and managed to beat Newcastle 2-0. It wasn't a high quality football match... but the result is what matters!

Sunday evening was devoted to all things Stargate. Having missed the last two episodes (ever) of SG-1 and the end of the season for Atlantis due to VM and the Sky debacle (no... I won't get annoyed again!) we were saved by the kindness of Rich's brother taping it for us! It was a sad moment to see SG-1 walk through the gate for the last time... but it was a really high quality episode... especially the final line... when Cameron says "Just another everyday mission to save the world sir" and the whole team respond "Indeed" a la T'ealc! Atlantis managed their usual terrible catastrophe end of season cliff hanger... I feel quite confident, however, that Rodney will come up with something!

I counting down now, only a couple of weeks until the baseball season starts again - I love the spring!