Thursday 15 March 2007

Friday lunchtime - nearly there!

Hurrah - Friday lunchtime. It's all downhill from here until the end of the week. Good things about Friday are we finish work at half past four (well, supposedly - never usually works out that way) however it will work out that way today as my bosses are both out of the office, therefore there is nobody to ask "could you just"!

I'm moaning about TfL again. Jubilee Line managed to have ANOTHER signal failure this morning. It was OK on Wednesday because I found out before I got a bus - so I avoided the Jubilee Line altogether. Today, however, I didn't find out until I was on the platform... too late!!! A train came in at platform 2 and terminated... then it said it was going back to West Ham. Fine, I thought I'd go back that way and get a new train... then that one took itself out of service! Bah. I really do think that signal failures should be exceptions rather than the rule!

Saw an interesting report on the news this morning about how the government (or whoever) want to only collect rubbish every other week. Apparently it is for 'environmental' reasons. More likely for 'saving money' reasons! Already does happen in a lot of places, where my parents live, for example - but that is rural-urban and I'm not so sure it would work in town centres with multi-occupancy buildings etc.

I've recently seen several taxis with adverts by Flora (the margarine people) advising people to walk instead... a little incongruous on a vehicle that makes it's money out of people not walking!!!