Friday 23 March 2007

Busy Times

I've not been around computers much the last few days. Not for my own purposes, anyway, plenty of time using them at work!

Yesterday I had to go to Worcester (for those whose geography is as lamentable as mine, Worcester is just south of Birmingham). This entails a two and a half hour train journey (each way). The actual meeting is just over an hour, and a 20 minute site visit. On a cold wet day (like yesterday) it is all quite annoying! Didn't get home until about half past seven... and then had to go to Asda! I was starving and resorted to Chinese take-away for dinner... had to have lunch at half eleven in the morning as the train arrives at Worcester just after mid-day. Still, silver lining, at least the meeting is only monthly! So, no computers at all on Thurdsay!

This morning I had to go to Gillingham. This shouldn't have been too bad... as it's only a short drive down the A2. I had forgotten, of course, that there are two separate sets of roadworks, one at Darenth and one at Gravesend. As if this wasn't enough there was some undetermined nonsense going on around the M25 on the way back and we got stuck in traffic for about an hour! This meant that by the time I got to work, lunch was nearly over and I was more than slightly behind on the things I need to get done this week!

Lunchtimes and after-work are my best blogging times... and I just haven't been able the last few days. Hope the online world didn't miss me too much!