Friday 2 March 2007

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!

This has been an exceptionally long week. A lot has been going on at work, which has necessitated several 12 hour days... I've barely seen my house apart from my bed! Still haven't managed to spend enough quality time with the new sofa.

It is quite unbelievable how long the new sofa took to come. We ordered it on pretty much the last working day in December... five to seven weeks they said. We were hoping that they were being cautious and it would come in four. They weren't, and it didn't. Finally they rang to say they were delivering (in about two days from the phonecall) which just happened to be a day I had to go to Worcester on business. So, my nearly-mother-in-law was pressed into service to stand around and look helpless, and make the delivery guys want to get the old sofa out. It worked. Good think to. When the old sofa was delivered they got it stuck in the door! The old sofa is now in the front drive waiting for the council to come and collect it. I'm quite surprised that some entriprising folk haven't had away with it. Usually when we want to get rid of something we leave it on the front drive and folk take it off for us. The stuff that people will take. The best one was a stereo, missing it's remote, which had been outside overnight in the rain!

I'm going to have a great weekend. I've got it all planned. Tomorrow Rich is off to Watford to watch the football . I'm generally against going too far to watch rubbish football... and Charlton have been pretty rubbish of late (with the exception of the mighty 4-0 against West Ham last weekend). I'm also generally against going to Watford, after a Worthless Cup Tie there a few years ago, which was all set to finish with us losing, until John Robertson scored and took it to extra time. We missed the train home and had a very convulted journey... I was working in Epsom at the time, and used to get up about 4am to drive round the M25... I was VERY tired that day. So... no footie for me, I'm off to have lunch with my folks and then tea with some friends who I haven't seen in aeons. I should get back in time for a quick cat-nap before spending the evening with some quality films from Blockbuster (I hope) and the sofa (Rich will be there too, of course!).

Sunday I plan to be playing Final Fantasy XII. Having heard nothing but good things about it I'm hoping to purchase it Saturday morning. Long time fan of Final Fantasy... OK, well, Final Fantasy VII then - although I did quite enjoy Crystal Chronicles... I didn't think much of X and never even bought XI... so it's been a while. I could do with some good gaming... I've been a bit lost ever since I finished playing Tomb Raider Legend. Fortunately much easier than the last one I played. Actually got to the end of Legend... with only a small amount of cheating! I'm not much of one for paitence with games, I have a whole trail of abandoned games behind me, which for one reason or another remain unfinished... which reminds me, must get back to 24 sometime!

Sometime in amongst this I'm going to do some website updates, and of course, my weekly pile of ironing!