Friday 9 March 2007

Long week

Disappointingly I dreamt that it was Friday last night. When I woke up this morning, for a few moments, I thought that it was Saturday. Very sad to find in fact I had to go through the 'real' Friday!

One of my colleagues is leaving today. We're supposed to be going for drinks tonight... but the way this week's project is shaping up, I think we'll all be still here working come eight o'clock!

Managed to notice very little going on in the world today... stinking cold is making me feel very apathetic, which includes reading newspapers and watching the morning news!

Saw the homeless man who seems to live outside (or inside) Green Park again this morning with his small dog. I wonder if he drugs the small dog to keep it quiet in the manner that illegal immigrant beggars are rumoured to drug their children? It is very well behaved for an ankle biter, that is for sure.

Planning a fantastic weekend of doing nothing. Have to go to the bank to get a joint account tommorow and go to pick up my now repaired engagement ring from the jewellers - but apart from that I can indulge in some R&R. Much deserved after this week, I feel!