Thursday 8 March 2007

Stinking cold and pot-holes!

So, last night I decided to take a quick wander up to Hamley's after work for a spot of Beanie hunting. Easy stroll up Bond Street and along Conduit Street. Crossing the end of Saville Row, however, I fell down a pot-hole! Not looking for pot-holes, obviously, watching the traffic! Ouch. Big, big bruise on my knee - which is very sore, and of course the same leg as which hurt my ankle when I fell down the stairs last month!

The Beanie hunt was reasonably successful. Could have got more, but it's a long time between pay days in March! Was interested to see the new 'Girlz' range in a display case. Staff inform me they will be available on March 24th. Maybe a big launch?!

On my way back to Charring Cross I passed through Trafalgar Square. It looks quite good there ever since they pedestrianised it. I can't understand why that ugly sculpture is still on the "4th plinth". I thought that they were supposed to rotate. It is really out of character with the rest of the square. I only noticed it because they were jet washing it last night. Why don't they get up there with brushes on the days when it tips down with rain and save the water?! Things are afoot over at St. Martin's (not sure what) but there is scaffold and protection all over the front. The best bit is there is some bright light coming from the National Portrait Gallery (or somewhere over there) and it projects shadows onto the scaffold protection. Like a shadow puppet theatre!

My poorly knee is nicely augmented by my stinking cold. Started with a sore throat over the weekend, but has expanded into my nose/head/chest. Have used nearly half a box of tissues today, and have a terrible headache from all the sneezing. I hate colds.

Today is the start of Crufts. Saw an article on Breakfast this morning... apparently (and this interested me as a nearly dog owner) there are 6.1 million dogs in Britain. Ownders spend £6bn pounds on their dogs every year, £696m of which is on food. Every dogs costs about £1,000 p.a. Wow. My parents have three dogs (well, Jack is technically mine, but he lives with them). I like watching Crufts... interesting to see the pedigrees and also all the clever things dogs can learn to do. Not mine, he's not very bright, but some can!