Monday 28 May 2007

More rain...

It has finally, for the moment, stopped raining. Having rained most of yesterday and this morning. It is still grey, and unseasonably cold. Almost as if the weather, looking back at the unusually warm April decided, oops, missed the cold damp April... I'll just switch it with May then.

I've been having an excellent time with my PS2 this weekend. The postman finally bought my Lego Star Wars II on Saturday morning. I'd been feeling disappointed as the post had been and it hadn't arrived... but unusually for Saturday (and only about two hours later) second post arrived. Game is EXCELLENT. Has the "3+" rating, which is the level of difficulty I get on best with. Totally sticks to the story of the movies, and is just HEAPS of fun to play. Really recommend. I took a whole heap of old games back to Game on Saturday for trade-in. Got another £16 (which isn't bad for four games). Actually had seven to take back, but they don't trade in Gamecube anymore... so I'm selling them on eBay. Shall be spending the proceeds of the exchange next week buying the Tomb Raider Anniversary. Who says I play too many video games?!