Wednesday 9 May 2007

Conference Calling

So, this morning we had a conference call. Not a few people sitting around a table with another distant person on speaker phone, but a real live conference call where you dialled in from different places. Managed to gather 3 lawyers (my boss was rubbing his finger and thumb together making the internationally recognized gesture for money when they all introduced themselves!), 3 clients, an architect and the two of us from this office. Gosh, what fun that was... just like a meeting but accomplishing even less (who thought that was possible)!

My other boss was making porridge for his breakfast this morning. He's got these little sachets where you just add water and stick it in the microwave... so I referenced him at one point as "Goldilocks over there". Ah, we did all chuckle!

Completely overslept this morning... but amazingly still managed to make it into work within 70 minutes of having got out of bed! Wish that could happen more often - all the buses and tubes arrived when they ought to, and there was no waiting around.