Monday 28 May 2007

Last night's movie

Given that it was a Bank Holiday we took the opportunity to fit in an extra movie last night. Blockbuster had sent us the Ant Bully ages ago... but the mood hadn't taken us to watch it. Quite a fun movie. Once we got over the 'penny bet' on whether Zok the Ant was being voiced by Nicholas Cage... Rich was sure it was, I was adamant it wasn't. He was right.... so, he keeps the penny. The 'penny bet' is how we settle dispute. We have a penny in a frame (which came out of a cracker) and when we dispute anything we 'bet the penny'. It spends a lot of time with Rich. Anyhow... back to Ant Bully. Absolutely top quality animation, and a few witty one-liners. An all round good family type movie.