Tuesday 15 May 2007

Working from home...

Yesterday I was working from home. I had an appointment with the MS Nurse in the middle of the morning (which usually involves a lot of waiting around) and also had to take my mother-in-law to hospital for her operation and pick her up again later - all in all working at home seemed the way to go.

However, nobody told my computer to co-operate. I have a wee office (well it's a desk) in the bedroom... with a printer, scanner, etc. etc. Currently they are attached to the old desktop. Some days the old PC works... other days it doesn't. Yesterday it didn't. I gave up in the end and got out the laptop... which is highly irritating as the touch-pad won't disable and I keep accidentally moving the cursor whilst I am typing. Sometime soon the desktop is getting rebuilt and hopefully his neurosis will be cured.

Vile weather yesterday - but I decided to walk to the hospital anyway as it is only half a mile and makes me feel quite virtuous! Got there five minutes before my appointment... unfortunately the entire neurology department appeared to be running with huge delays... and I was seen over half an hour late. Next it was off to the testing to get my blood tests done. Very dispirited to see number 450-something being called when I was number 496! Spent another half an hour sitting there. As usual the phlebotomist couldn't find the vein and butchered my arm which is now a) bruised and b) sore.

To add to the sore arm I managed to drop the external hard drive on my toe in the afternoon, which has severely damaged my poor little pinkie!!!

As usual the office had some kind of computer crisis whilst I wasn't there... this involved several panicked phone-calls and emails back and forward. Found a work-around in the end, but really do need to get the rest of my colleagues trained up. Didn't matter yesterday as I was working, but they would have rung me at home for that if I had been sick or on leave! I cannot be the only one who can work the advanced functions of the software packages.

Good news is that the new firewall is being installed next week. Time will tell - but hopefully that will sort out some of the server's neuroses. How many neurotic computers do I know?!