Friday 18 May 2007

Busy Days

It's been a bit busy this last week. 12 hour days (and the rest) have been the norm. However the project that was consuming my time appears to be done now - and hopefully I can get back to all the other projects I have been so neglecting!

Wednesday was the worst... I got to work at about a quarter to seven in the morning and left about 8 in the evening... and then only got three hours sleep going into Thursday! Needless to say, last night I went to bed at half eight and got a good eight hours!

Spring/Summer has returned to London again today. The miserable rain that has blighted us since last week seems to have given us a temporary reprieve. Back to rather a lot of fashion nightmares then!

There is an amazing fashion right now for tailored shorts. Usually cut just above the knee. there are very few body types that suit this garment, and certainly not most of those that wear them! Ladies, don't do it... especially not with tights!!!

Last night the Jubilee Line was suffering from a 'good service'. Whatever! The train that I got on was stopped several times down the line to "regulate the service". The driver told us that he was running a couple of minutes fast. At Canada Water we stopped again because apparently we were still running a minute ahead of schedule... there was a pause and then the driver added "they're determined I'll be late by the time I get to Stratford"!

The exciting event of the week was getting tickets to go and see the Giants play the Dolphins. Tickets finally went on sale for the NFL match at Wembley in October. After the announcement of the game you visited a website to register your interest in purchasing tickets. The opportunity to purchase tickets was then allocated by ballot. Apparently within 72 hours of the original announcement over half a million people had registered! The first 40,000 tickets went on sale on Wednesday and sold out in 90 minutes!!! Let's hope that the Giants are going to beat the Dolphins then!!!

My arm is almost recovered from being butchered by the phlebotomist on Monday. The bruise is now an interesting yellow/green colour... still quite sore though! I forgot to mention earlier one of the conversations I had with the Nurse on Monday. We have a variety of topics which are regularly discussed... including the "are you planning to have children" conversation. The reason for this is because if you get pregnant you have to stop taking the DMDs (disease modifying drugs). I told her, as I always do, not now... not anytime soon... quite possibly not ever. To which she replied if I was going to then I probably would want to hurry up as I was getting a bit old... and only realistically had five years left to have kids. Way to make a girl feel young and lovely!