Monday 21 May 2007

Another weekend been and gone

So. Before we know where we are the weekend has been and gone. Good weekend this one, though.

Started promptly as I had to get tothe Doctor to pick up a prescription, so I left work at half past four on Friday (yes, we really are supposed to finish work at half past four on Fridays!). This meant that I got home by about 6 o'clock. I was at a complete loss what to do so early in the evening. In the end I opted for doing three month's worth of ironing whilst watching a videotape of the Last Detective. So that was good news for my wardrobe. All the clothes I own (except the ones I wore on Friday) are ironed again. Hurrah!

Saturday I didn't do so much. For some reason taking my Meds earlier in the evening meant that instead of sleeping through until morning I woke up around 3am feeling the side effects. So... I got up. Fed the cat, who was loitering with intent... and decided to try to write a CSS page for my website. I thought that it was supposed to be easy... two hours later I was still trying. And trying. I got there in the end though!

Next on my list was 'popping' out for a wee bit of shopping. This was quite pleasant as it seemed that the world and his dog were off watching the FA Cup final and not clogging up the streets of the Greenwich Peninsula. Got some superb pink plastic clogs in Asda... £5 a pair, so I got two pairs!

I decided to do some weeding... the recent rain had turned our garden path into a real haven for weeds. I don't generally go a bundle on weeding... but it is very satisfying when you can really see the difference you have made!

Saturday night is movie night. First up was Headspace... which proved, in my opinion, to be a) rather dull and b) reasonably inexplicable. It lasted about 20 minutes. Next up was Borat. I didn't have high hopes, despite the reviews which all rated it as hilarious. I find Ali G funny, but not usually the Borat sections. To give kudos - there were some very funny bits... and overall the movie pretty much provided what you expected. Gave up movies after this and watched DVDs of TV shows.

Sunday saw me back with the webpage and doing more weeding. Didn't get up until really late (around quarter to 12) so didn't get too much done really. Thought about doing some work I'd brought home, but decided that I'd get into work early instead.

Which brings us to today! Did get into work early... managed to avoid any traffic chaos incurred by the Cutty Sark being on fire.

I got an excellent email at the weekend. It came from a chap claiming to be a Nigerian football player and wanting a recommendation for a try-out here in the UK. Why?! Why would anyone think that a random email address picked out from goodness only knows where could be of any help?! And if it was not genuine, what on earth do they hope to gain from such a spam?! The internet is a strange and alarming place these days... I look with nostalgia to when there was so much less, for want of a better word, nonsense out in Cyberspace!