Friday 4 May 2007

This is not a bendy bus...

Yesterday morning the bus was very full. I was later than normal, and it was obviously a while since there had been a bus. I found a nice little spot by the doors, which is a good place on modern busses as not too many people can fit in there and the doors slide instead of opening inwards. Anyway, off we went - and due to the crowded nature of the bus (which included people standing on the stairs) the driver decided not to take on any passengers. Of course, sometimes he had to stop to let some off. Solution of the crowds at the bus stops. Pile in the back doors! For amusement value (if not for getting where you are going value) it is always more fun if the driver throws a strop at this point and refuses to go any further until the illegal entrants get off again. Unfortunately yesterday's driver seemed quite happy to let all these people (who didn't pay any fare) get on. It's not a bendy bus! There are no card validators. Travel for free? Result.

This morning's bus journey was even worse. I thought that as it was about 5 to 6 the 422 might be a safe route as there would be no frustrated tunnel traffic. Unfortunately the lights by the old hospital seemed to have gone on the blink. The three way junction only allows traffic from one way at a time at the moment (actually, if the road by the hospital isn't closed its a four way junction!). We sat and waited through two phases... but the lights never turned green. In the end a frustrated motorist jumped the queue, which meant that all the traffic decides to jump the lights... until it gets to someone so far by that they don't realise the lights are stuck. Thirty minutes on the Woowich Road this morning.

I have a theory about the Blackwall Tunnel and the cancellation of the tidal flow. A while ago Greenwich Council were petitioning for the congestion charge to be extended South Eastwards. There was going to be referrendums or something. They wanted to include the Tunnel in this extension of the zone. Funny how this desire should coincide with the cancellation of the tidal flow (which we all know causes jams) should happen just now, and thus demonstrate how bad the congestion in that area is!!!

After two months of inactivity work has finally started in the car park at North Greenwich. Presumably because the Dome (sorry, of course I mean the O2) is opening soon. This is not the only work going on at North Greenwich. Very irritatingly the up escalator at the rear of the train on the Eastbound platform has been taken out of service for refurbishment. This means that unless the train terminates at North Greenwich and comes in on the middle platform... getting on at the back of the train (which is always less crowded) now necessitates a long walk to the escalator at the front of the train and then a long walk back to the ticket barriers at the ticket hall level! Fortunately the refurbishment works can't be that extensive as the escalator is supposed to be back in service by the end of May.

A mystery is sweeping London at the moment. Strange graffiti has been appearing all over the city which says simply "Brooke Shields Alphabet". Nobody knows who is doing it, why the are doing it or what (if anything) it is for! It has even got its own website! Alphabet of Brooke Shields. Rather unexcited by the whole thing as a) I think graffiti is pointless (and hard to spell!) and b) either it is some rubbish marketing campaign or it means totally nothing... but I had to mention it as it is the talk of the town at the moment!

I read in the gossip page of the Metro yesterday morning that Mel B is distressed that the wrangling with ex- Eddie Murphy and the paternity issues have been aired "so publicly". If that is the case then she would be best to stop going on TV and giving interviews or hanging around celebrity night spots and stay at home where the public can't see her!

Last night our office went out on the town. Welcoming our newest member of staff from South Africa amongst other things. After a weeks worth of debate on pricey Mayfair restaurants we ended up in Pizza Express. And there we stayed. Long after the pizza had been eaten. The wine kept on coming... until we finished their stock of a particular white wine and had to find an alternative. Eventually they called time and so we had to leave. We were walking back through Bruton Place when we noticed a plaque on the wall which said "press here" so we did... and it opened a cunningly disguised door!!! Some night club or something no doubt... we were rather surprised, to say the least. We all scattered off in various directions for the tube, and made our ways home. There were a few sore heads this morning!

I got up at 5am. Not because I had any particular desire to get to the office... but because our cat, who had been sleeping behind the bedroom door (why?) decided to jump onto my feet. I thought about going back to sleep, but I could feel her staring at me, so I got up!

Looking forward to the weekend. Not a long one for me as I've to work on Monday... but I'll have a nice Saturday/Sunday. It is my aim to not leave the house for the entire weekend if it can be helped.