Tuesday 8 May 2007

Now it's nearly Wednesday!

Good grief... where has the week gone already. Today just went **whoosh**. Good thing is that my estimate went out a day early. Bad thing is that the Contract Documents STILL aren't done. Ah well. When there is so much to do, something has to give!

I have to share my bizarre travel story from Friday night. I was on the tube heading towards home - quite late as it goes, about 8pm. The driver came on to make an announcement just as we were getting towards Canary Wharf... "If there are the parents of a little lost six year old boy on this train, and they have finally remembered to come back and get him, he is being cared for by station staff". Finally... my very own strange tube announcement! Bizarre though. How can anybody lose a child at an underground station and then not go straight back on the next train?!

I managed to delightfully managed my objective of not leaving the house all weekend. Not exactly sure what I DID do, but anyhow! After going to work yesterday I'm looking forward to an extra day on the next Bank Holiday!!!

There has been nothing but talk of football in this office today. It's the first time we've all been here since the weekend. The Man U fan has been smug about Man U winning the Premiership (so annoying)... and there has been a lot of attempts to tease me about Charlton and their relegation. Stunningly missing the point that I have been telling them all since last August that Charlton were getting relegated. Bizarre conversation at the moment... I missed the beginning, but our boss just said "Same as Gary Neville, he'll never be compared to Pele either". Would love to know how the conversation started! Conversation has now fallen to whether the Man U fan would choose Roy Keane or George Best if he could only have one or the other. He is trying to get out of answering the question. South African girl just contributed with "I thought he died". Scottish boss complained "You are just trying to ruin it for us".

Other Scottish boss has just re-appeared from making a conference call. We were a bit worried about him earlier as there was a large crash from the conference room... we thought that maybe he had fallen off his chair!

The conversation about "the best football player who ever lived" is still continuing. We haven't come to a conclusion. The Man U fan is still trying to insist that it is a contemporary english player (preferably someone who does now or once did play for Man U). Apparently we are leaning towards Pele (Geordie and Scottish Bosses). Man U fan is after Beckham.

I just pointed out that the whole conversation is completely ridiculous. The comparision in any sport over time negates direct comparison as the game evolves and develops. Pele didn't play the same game that is being played now.

Have to stop typing now. Somebody left the window open and my fingers have gone blue!