Monday 3 September 2007

Just has to be Monday…

I arrived at work this morning to find the kitchen in chaos and the kettle boiling in reception! Apparently the electrical circuits had tripped out… again. I thought we’d fixed the problem on Friday… but no, it would seem not! This time the Boardroom circuit seemed OK… reception was partly out and the whole of the kitchen back wall was gone. No logic at all! The fridge was in the process of defrosting the ice box all over the kitchen floor… and of course we couldn’t mop it up as the cleaner’s have taken all the tea towels and the mop and bucket (why?!).

Only upon further examination did it transpire that the fridge was not the only appliance in the kitchen that we leaking water. The water-cooler was also leaking. So… we took off the bottle (recently replaced) and mopped up the flood. A phone call was then placed to the water-cooler people to tell them that their cooler was flooding our kitchen and could they please send an engineer. Thursday they told me. I told them that it was quite urgent as the power was shorting out and it was causing a hazard. Had I unplugged the cooler the man asked? No, I thought I’d leave it in and see if I could start and electrical fire! What a silly question. Thursday he reiterated was the earliest that they could get anyone out to us. What are we supposed to do for water in the interim I asked him? Apparently we will get free bottles to cover the cost of any water we have to buy. We will, I told him, we’re not drinking the tap water!

So. The kitchen is now dry and kettle and fridge are working again. The water-cooler is sitting there in disgrace without a bottle attached… and we all await Thursday.

Large parts of the London Underground have gone on strike this evening. This is all fallout from the demise of Metronet. The lines that fell under the control of Metronet were the Bakerloo, Central, and the sub-surface Lines. For once it is a good time to be on the Jubilee line! It may well be unusually busy as it takes up the strain from the other lines… but at least it will still be running. In fact the Jubilee and the Northern are the only ones still going as even parts of the Piccadilly Line have been affected. Journey home tonight may not be pleasant.

Delightfully the new office printer is now up and running. It is very swish... it has card readers and an integral keyboard. I love the keyboard, you lightly push a panel in the front of the printer and out pops the keyboard. You know what they say... little things, little minds.