Friday 7 September 2007

Blogging 101

I noticed as I arrvied at the dashboard today that yesterday's post was the 100th in my blog! So this is by extension blogging 101! Wikipedia has the following to say about 101 "At universities in the United States, and South Africa, often the course number of basic or entry-level courses. By extension, it is informally used elsewhere to indicate things that are meant for beginners". So today, by extension, is blogging for beginners!

I noticed on my short-cut through the hotel car park on the way to fetch my lunch to extremely high-end sports cars. One was a Ferrari... I know this not because I know anything about sports cars (I don't) but for three other reasons 1) it had 'Ferrari' on the back (!) large enough for me to read without my glasses... 2) it was 'Ferrari red' - much redder than any other red car I've seen (including two I owned) and 3) it had a stencil of the Ferrari horse about two foot high on the boot.

I'm glad our offices are in the front of the building today. Every time I've been in the stairwell I've noticed the amazing noise from the building being demolished at the end of the street. It isn't actually even being demolished... it's only a 'soft' strip. They were going at it so hard earlier in the week that the building was vibrating and we thought that maybe an earthquake was happening!

I'm now frantically trying to get ready to go away next week. I'm going to Ukraine on business. The problem is that I've not left the country since 1999... that is last century!!! I've never been much of a traveller, so I'm a bit daunted by it all (understatement). It only occured to me just now that I probably needed some sort of foreign currency (doh!).

So next week I shan't be London Calling... I shall be Kyiv Calling!