Tuesday 28 August 2007

Feels like Monday

Even though I was at work yesterday and therefore am not starting the week on Tuesday, it STILL feels like Monday today! Go figure.

Another journey blighted this morning by the bad manners of fellow travellers. First there was the man who didn't have any money on his Oyster, but ignored the bus driver calling him back to pay cash. Why should he get a free ride? Sadly the driver was not one of the sterner ones... I've come across some who would turn off their engine and refuse to move until the miscreant either paid a fare or left the bus! Then there were all the people at Green Park who decided to shove onto the train as soon as the doors opened instead of waiting for passengers to disembark. Sadly it is too early in the day for the platform staff to ask people to "let passengers off the train first". I don't understand why people can't have a few manners... it costs nothing!

I was getting my juice for breakfast this morning when I heard a hullabaloo from the other side of the back door. It was the feline equivalent of shouting. Molly telling me that she was hungry and would like breakfast now please. Why she couldn't have come in through the cat flap and told me this instead of insisting I open the back door I really don't know!

Total chaos in Charlton this morning as the Monday refuse collections (and the recycling collections) took place a day late. There was gridlock on Littleheath as there was the refuse lorry, the recycling lorry, the 486, the 53 and the 422 going one way and the 53 going the other... all trying to navigate the parked cars. They managed in the end... just in time for me to get on a bus and catch up with the two refuse lorries!

We cleaned out the Frog Pond at the weekend (again). The frogs certainly seem to approve! King Frog is back with a whole heap of family. There seem to be at least half a dozen in various shapes, sizes and colours who inhabit the pond. I went into the kitchen last night to find one of their number sitting in the middle of the floor contemplating me. So, I scooped him up and took him back to the pond... I then halted one of his brethren who was making his way to the kitchen and returned him also to the pond. I don't know why frogs like our kitchen so much, but we get a good few every summer who take a wrong turn at the back door and end up sitting on the carpet looking perplexed!