Sunday 30 September 2007

Upset Weekend

After watching the video tape of the Grand Prix I'm sitting here with NASN on... watching last nignts college football.

They are showing the Huskies playing USC... they are doing quite well, although Rich has spoiled it for me by telling me that they are going to lose by 3.

This has been a good game. Possible favourite moment was when they were showing the Huskies mascot, who is an actual dog and was being very cute and barking at the camera... and the commentator said "You can't fool me, thats a Malamute - not a Husky"

However a lot of the top 10 lost last night. The top 10 being totally subjective as they are chosen by flippin' journalists who are convinced that USC and LSU are 1 and 2 no matter what. The top teams are chosen by poll - how unfair is that. My Gators won the whole of the BSC last year and they still didn't start out as number 1! Gators lost last night in amongst everyone else. First time this season.