Sunday 16 September 2007

Kyiv Calling... day 4

13th September 2007

Office, Kyiv - 7:41pm
So my Kyiv adventure draws to a close. Could have doiwn without the monster workload - I'm sure that some stuff has fallen through the cracks! But anyway, now me and the boys know each other... and that is an important 1st step!

Hotel, Kyiv - 9:25pm
I had dinner at the hotel tonight. Steak andm chips and a (very) small glass of wine. Equivalent price £10. The steak was a bit over cooked for my taste - either the Ukrainians eat it cooked like the English or they assumed I would want it cooked like the English!

I'm going for a sightseeing tour before my flight tomorrow so I get to see a bit more of Kyiv.

It was quite sad saying goodbye to all my colleagues... they were all after my ICQ address so they could ask questions. I had to explain that we don't use ICQ in the London office!

I've sort of packed my case... it is open on the other bed with stuff all over the bed. I wish I could pack better!

So, my Kyiv adventure has been fun. Busy, but fun... and I've made lots of new friends!