Sunday 16 September 2007

Day 3... Kyiv Calling

12 September 2007

Office, 7:55pm (local time)
It isn't just in London where we work the night shift! Frantically trying to get the bill written so that the measurement can go in it and we can mail it off to London ASAP.

Feeling tired today as I ket waking up last night. My body clock still hasn't quite worked out the time zones.

Still haven't fixed the computer programme and its printing problems. We seem to have run out of ideas.

I had a really good training session with the boys this afternoon. I emphasesed that they can alwasy phone/email if they have problems.

I went for a walk at lunchtime today just around a bit of Kyiv... it really is a lovely old city. Going for a bit to eat with the office director later as we are the only ones left here!

There was great excitement in the office this afternoon when a huge rainbow appeared over the city. A double rainbow and the bottom had a double spectrym. We all took turns going out on the balcony and taking photos!

Hotel, Kyiv - 11:05pm (local time)
Tonight we wen tfor dinner at a French restaurant. I had fish (I forget what type) with pesto sauce and artichoces on a bed of beans accompanied by roast vegetables which were sweet red peppers and aubergine.

We had various random conversations about mobile phones, websites, colleagues etc. The way two people do who've known each other several years but onky in the context of work, so they don't really know each other at all!