Sunday 16 September 2007

Back to London Calling!

Home at last! Got back to City on another one of those little Fokker 50 planes. Extreme turbulence. The Co-pilot came on at one point saying that the fasten seatbelt signs were staying on due to the turbulence... they'd requested a new altitude but it hadn't helped. Lucky for the tranquilisers otherwise I'd have been in a right state expecting the plane to drop out of the sky or something!

Ended up getting a cab home... which was a bit expensive in the rush hour... but I just couldn't face schlepping with all my bags and things! Of course the cab had to fight through the rush hour traffic around the Blackwall Tunnel. We were sitting in the queue just off the docklands roundabout and I was talking to my Dad on the phone "Cheeky bus" I said to him "Just cut the queue by going round the side". "I think I'll try that" said the taxi driver... so we cut the queue and probably saved ourselves 20 minutes and a good few quid!

Got back and had a happy reunion with Rich.

Molly didn't deign to come and see me until later... whilst I was having my much awaited bath. She looked a bit terrified as Rich held her out for me to say hello to. I think she was worried we were going to bath her! This was after my much needed tea. Nobody ever offered tea in Kyiv, only coffee. I had some tea on the plane, but I felt like Arthur Dent on the Heart of Gold in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy... a liquid "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea".

Also back to my lovely new laptop. This was only delivered on the Friday before I went to Kyiv... and we only got the wireless router the Sunday before I went. We were massively unconvinced that the router would even work. We tried one with wires once and the two computers wouldn't even admit that each other existed. No such problems with the wireless though. Just having to get used to the English keyboard again. Having trained my fingers to find the '@' key above the number 2 whilst in Kyiv I have to get used to it being back where it belongs now! At least I can understand my computer again though! :-)