Sunday 30 September 2007

Wet afternoon at Fuji

So another amazing afternoon at the Grand Prix. I didn't stay up to watch it... but I'm now watching the video tape. I did have a 'live blog' going – but I knocked the screen on the laptop and the laptop went to sleep... and I've not managed to work out how to wake up the laptop when it does this, so I accidentally switched off the machine and lost everything that I'd written. D'oh! Rookie error.

It was raining big time in Japan as it had been yesterday in qualifying. So the race started under a safety car, and the safety car stayed out for about 20 laps.

There were a few strange happenings... both Ferraris had to come in and change their tyres as they had started on intermediate tires instead of extreme wet tires. This had been an instruction from the race director. The team later claimed that they didn't know that this was the case, even though every other team and the ITV commentary team knew. Lots of teams at the back took the risk of bringing their cars in and filling their cars with fuel to the end of the race. There were very few accidents or even cars spinning off... so the safety car did the job. There was worry at one point that the safety car itself might run out of fuel... but apparently there is a spare fully fuelled ready to go just in case!

Even though all the drivers were complaining that the visibility was nil the Race Director brought the safety car in and the race finally started.

One of my absolute favourite moments was when a car in the pits (I think it was Sato) caught fire... and he drove off anyway. Fortunately it was raining hard enough to put it out straight away!

Ups and downs. The Ferraris fought their way up through the pack... the McLarens took a healthy lead and were basically 30 seconds in front (which equates to a pit stop). Alonso came in first and rejoined in traffic. Hamilton came in and got out just in front of the traffic. However, both McLarens tangled with BMWs.

Then in another shocking turn of events Alonso spun off the track! However all the cars in front of Hamilton pitted and he retook the lead of the race.

Several more incidents, including one which saw Vettel take out Webber (and some very bad language on live TV from Webber!). This is unfortunate as they both drive for Red Bull teams... almost as bad as taking out your own team mate!

"Another why did they do that moment from Ferrari". When Ferrari had to change their tyres back at the beginning of the race everyone assumed that they had fuelled to the end of the race... but however it would seem not has Massa had just made another pit stop and put in fuel.

We are now wondering if the laps will count down or time will expire first!

Hamilton takes the chequered flag... some race he had this afternoon! Kovalainen takes second and Kimi is third.