Thursday 6 September 2007

Waiting time for medical appointments

I had a day of appointments yesterday, but more than that a day of waiting! My first appointment was with the nurse. This one wasn't too bad as it was only her 2nd or 3rd of the day so she hadn't the time to get behind yet! However, after that I had to fill out an ENORMOUS 'internal audit' form... which took a good five minutes.

I then toddled off to get my blood tests. A 15 minute waiting time was being advertised. Yeah, right. There appeared to be only one (and occaisonally another) room operating... when I arrived they were seeing number 180 and my number was 210. It took over an hour before my number was called. I then disgraced myself by almost passing out. I'm fine with the whole thing as long as I don't realise that they are doing it. Yesterday she couldn't find a vein... then she couldn't get enough blood to fill all the vials... at which point my head started swimming and she had to tip the chair back so I could lie down, and I was given a glass of water! Luckily I didn't even notice the other arm being done I was feeling so light-headed! People like me that hold up the queue! It's just a good thing that the Blood Service don't want my bood... until they work out what causes MS and rule out anything pathogenic they don't want my blood or my organs.

So... I finally got home from the hospital about 3 hours after I'd left home (this is bad, as it is only a mile from my house!). I got down to work... which lasted happily until about twenty past four when I had to toddle off to the doctor. More waiting. As this is now the end of the afternoon appointments the surgery had plenty of time in which to start running late!

When I got out of the Doctor's there was a message on my answer phone telling me that my new computer is arriving Friday. This is noteable only because the last message that I had, by email only a few hours before was to tell me that the delivery was being delayed by 10 days. Let's hope it does actually turn up on Friday then!