Sunday 13 April 2014

This is Marathon 2014

Every year (as long as I'm awake and it isn't raining) I take myself to the end of my road one Sunday in late April to watch as the Marathon passes. It is usually later in April but every time Easter is late April the marathon jumps forward - 2011 and 2008 other recent examples.

This post is dedicated to my oldest god-daughter who is very excited by the marathon.

Empty road waiting for the runners
Don't cross now
Here come the marshalls
First runner to pass
Here comes the pack
Rhino spotted!

A wheelchair competitor, can't imagine the valley coming up
Oddest outfit of the day
There's a womble
Man and his tiger
Sweep up bus
That's the two mile marker up the road there
God-daughter wanted some video, I didn't take any sadly - but thanks to Google's Auot-Awesome function I've got some animated photos!

Prominent in the last shot is the orange vest on the chap running for the MS Society - I'm always very thankful to those orange vests (and the blue vests of the MS Trust) for putting themselves through 26.2 miles of running to raise money that will go to charities researching MS.

Ghosts of marathons past: