Sunday 6 April 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, choose your sport

So, what's your game? What have you/will you be watching this weekend? (Illustrations courtesy of Google Doodle).

The baseball season is under way at last (or otherwise for Yankees fans); thanks to the reasonably priced MLB TV we're able to catch a great deal of the action.
Anniversary of Jackie Robinson's Birthday

Football all over the place yesterday. Not a good day for Charlton, but not to worry as the massive make-up games from the water-logged pitch earlier this year and pile-up from cup-ties means that they're playing again on Tuesday.
Euro 2006

Yesterday was the largely unnoticed Grand National. As Husband was at football it went unwatched in this house. We've only just got around to the delightful news that no jockeys or horses were hurt.
Melbourne 2004

Today was the boat-race. Being run rather late in the afternoon (something to do with the tides on the Thames) and not the same day as the National any longer (something to do with TV executives). I refuse to care at all who wins as I attended neither University and have friends who attended both.
Beijing Olympics

It was finally a Grand Prix running at a reasonable time today (we've got to Bahrain and had a night race). Superb race from all angles; apart from F1's website deciding that the live timing was too good to give away for free and removing all utility from it. Not paying for the App on the phone which has to be renewed every year and when compared to MLB represents no value for money.
Anniversary of Ayrton Senna's birthday 2014

Here's the T20 cricket (today's Doodle). As England are long since out of the running we didn't bother with that either.
T20 Cricket Final 2014

Currently watching some Scottish football on BBC Alba - oddly in Gaelic and not understanding a word. Sounds like some of my Glasgow colleagues with the stronger accents (but I understand less)!!