Sunday 22 April 2012

This is Marathon 2012

My street is a little past the two mile marker of the London Marathon. 
Every year on a Sunday late in April people in large parts of SE7 a stranded on an island as the runners set off from Blackheath; come along through Charlton Village, head down towards the Thames at Woolwich and then back along the Woolwich Road towards Greenwich. 
Every year people come out of their houses to support the runners - me included. It makes me feel very humble when I spot the orange vests of the MS Society and the green vests of the MS Resource Centre; humble and grateful that people will put themselves through 26 miles of what I would consider torture to raise money. 

Now watching the runners (I think I saw some of them out on the street) on TV as they round the Cutty Sark (resplendent in its restored glory). As always, my deepest respect to all the runners; I can't even imagine how you do it.