Sunday 13 April 2014

Sunday Social (97)

Linking up with Neely and Ashley

1. What was your best birthday?
 Well, I've had 38 of them so that is quite a lot to choose from! I'm not sure I can choose a 'best' I enjoyed my 16th (in the garden of the house where I grew up), my 18th (back in the garden), my 21st with family and friends, my 30th - held a month early, one of my friends (mother of youngest god-daughter and bridesmaid) has her birthday exactly two months before me so we had the party in the middle, and last year on the Wednesday after our wedding!

Sweet 16
Officially an adult
21st Birthday
End of the night - 30th Birthday
First birthday as a married lady

2. What was your best vacation?
1999 a fortnight in New York City. It was the first time I'd been anywhere on my own, and NYC is an amazing place to be. I had friends and family in New Jersey, up-state New York and New York City itself, so I had plenty of help with what to see and where to go. I'd love to go back as this was before I got into fooball and baseball so I didn't visit Yankee Stadium or Meadowlands.

Cold in New York in November

3. What is the best date you've ever been on?
Do you still have dates when you're married? The day after our wedding Husband and I went for a wander in the City of London. Quiet and peaceful on a Sunday we enjoyed Postman's Park, One New Change and a milkshake next to St Mary-le-Bow. It was a bit like London was just there for us, the newly-weds.

Our London

4. What is the best movie (quality) you've seen?
That is a very difficult question. I think I'd choose 'Now You See Me'. We saw it at the cinema last summer, the effects and sound were amazing - it was so well imagined and staged.

5. What is the best TV show ending of all time?
That's a tricky one. Not least because you don't want to spoil the end for people who haven't seen shows yet. A lot of shows have terrible ends because they don't know when they're filming that they're getting canned. The best, therefore, are the ones which have had time to build to their end.

My favourite is Six Feet Under. The end is rounded and satisfying and brings the show to a close, and it is in keeping with the way that the show worked all the way through. The show ended back in 2005; and it is only the last few moments of the show that really put it at number one for me. Clare (the daughter of the funeral home family) drives off to start her new life; and as she does it is cut with flash-forwards showing the death of every character (complete with the fade to white and dates that always accompanied a death); nobody was left out - including finally Clare herself. So we knew what happened to everybody, their stories (their lives) complete. 

Type "best TV Show finale" into Google and you'll find out a lot of people agree with me.

There are several others which deserve an honourable mention: Quantum Leap, you might not like it but it had an answer, Sam never returned home but gave his friend Al the love of his life back; Friends, it wrapped everything up neatly - apart fro Joey (and that character went on to have a spin off show) everyone got their happy ending; Buffy the Vampire Slayer set up for the continuing story (in comic book form as it turned out); Smallville, achieved its mission target and set the story for Superman; Burn Notice, every episode started "My name is Michael Weston and I used to be a spy until..." at the end Michael and Fiona and their son are holed up in a cottage and it turns out that the whole series was Michael telling the story of his life to his young son.

There are a few dishonourable mentions too:- Angel, so not an ending, just another battle going on; Lost, completely didn't answer any of the questions (not some, not most, any) stayed up in the early hours to watch the simulcast with the US (no spoilers allowed) and it was such a total let down.

The poor shows who didn't know the end was coming; The 4400, Jake 2.0 and John Doe three of the most irritatingly prematurely ended.

Let's not forget the shows who don't know when to quit - Jericho, never very good, full of plot holes you could drive a bus through, canned after its first season and resurrected thanks to fan action and allowed to play out the end in a second (even worse) season. They tried to get the same result with The 4400 but to no end. I'd like to think that Jake 2.0 or John Doe (worst cliff hanger ever) would have achieved the same results with fan action, but I don't think the fan base was ever big enough.

Enough TV talk. I think we've established I watch too much TV! See you next Sunday socialites!