Monday 30 December 2013

What was top of the heap...

With a little help from Google Analytics these are the posts that got the most attention in 2013 (these are the posts that were written in 2013 - there are some old favourites that still beat these in the running):- 

1. We Got Married Two weeks after our Wedding, the honeymoon a heatwave in our memories and preparing to get back to work I took a little restrospective on the magical day that was our Wedding Day.

I attriubte some of the popularity of this post to friends and family who don't usually read the blog being passed the link by those who do!
2. All Types of Font I suppose the popularity of this post is fuled by the word font popping up in 'free font searches'?

I'm quite pleased to find this again, something that I lost when this computer had it's meltdown was my font collection. At least Laptop the Third still functions to be switched on and copied from eventually.
3. April Fools It's always a hit and miss on an April Fools post. If it falls on a day I work I don't have time to trawl the net. If it falls on a weekend then there are less people at their desks to fabricate the jokes. This year it was a day I didn't work and a Monday; so there was quite a good haul.

I attribute the popularity to people who were at work wanting to catch up with what they had missed.
4. 2013 - New Year This was my annual look forward to the new year. It follows a restrospective of the previous year on New Year's Eve.

I'm not really sure how this got so popular!

Perhaps some of the positive aims found an audience?!

Unlike the retrospective this is a very personal perspective.
5. Sunday Social (34) The 'Sunday Social' posts are part of a link-up I participate in.

The link-up is still going and into it's second year.

Popularity of the posts depends on the theme of the day and how early I manage to get my link up! An early start means a bigger audience, especially as the ladies who run it (Ashley and Neely) are both in America and so are lots of the other participants.

This post was a "things about you" post.
6. View from the Shard I fairly famously have a geek-like obsession with tall buildings.

It started when I was in NYC (nearly 15 years ago, yikes!) and after going up the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers I saw an exhibition on sky-scrapers which included blueprints and all sorts of other information.

These days I will watch any documentary (there was a great one about the Shard) and collect articles and any other information.

If you get a chance, do go up the Shard, it is amazing.
7. Sunday Social (46)
Another in the Sunday Social series.

From shopping weaknesses to food and coffee!

I adore the photo of my shoes with the Jimmy Choo label which was in the bottom of a box from a department store (not even a shoe box!). My shoes were imposters for five minutes!
8. Sunday Social (60) Sunday Social again!

This one was all about food.

The link at the end of the article is to a recipe I use for vegetable soup.

I once wrote a guest post for another blog sharing this recipe and the matching post on my blog is the most read post ever!
9. Wedding Day I wrote this post at the crack of dawn on my wedding day using my iPad.

Apart from checking Twitter and Facebook and replying to good wishes that was the end of my internet on the big day.

Once I left the hotel I kept the phone in my little bag and didn't touch it until we arrived at our hotel at the end of the day.

Husband didn't think I'd be able to separate myself from technology for that long!
10. iOS7 Popular no doubt because of the changes that iOS7 wrought to the Appleverse.

I was losing interest at the time, as despite Husband's convinction that I would cave and get another iPhone I was certain that this was the end for me and Apple.

I do still have an iPad, so I have a passing interest in the iOS but because my iPad doesn't have a sim card or internet connection other than WiFi a lot of the intricacies matter less from that point of view.

The last iOS update on the iPad did reset the message settings so for three days SMS went to the iPad if sent from an iPhone and not to my phone!!