Thursday 19 September 2013



iOS7 has landed. You can visit Apple's page to find out what's new... not anything that other phones weren't already offering you I suspect...

I wasn't going to bother as when my contract is up in 2 months I'm jumping ship to Samsung and their Android system. Then, this morning, one of my Scottish colleagues rang me with the "You're and Apple girl, will (something or other I'd written instructions for) still work with iOS7. So I added another 800MB to over over the ASDL cap download woes and updated.

Does't it look pretty? Spot the non-Apple apps (Twitter here) who haven't updated their logos to match the new style. 

It is easier to use (once you get the hang of everything being different) and zoomy and accessible... and so very Android (but not as customisable) and not original.

I'm busy at work, so I've only had a moment to look at it - but so far I've fallen out with the Control Centre, the Notifications Centre, the Camera (Instagram anyone) and the Photos. Wait until it hits the iPad which has many more Apple products!