Monday 1 April 2013

April Fools

The annual silliness and tom-foolery on the internet is upon us as the calendars turn from March to April.

Emails from various companies and internet sites (led, as always, by Google) are joining in the fun. 

Links are included (but may expire at noon) - click on the images for a full view.

My inbox has been pretty busy already; from floating pets to invisible gifts and scratch and sniff photos:-
The rest of the internet that isn't bothering my inbox has been busy too. The charge is led, as always, by Google.

Do you want to try Google Nose?

Smelling, it would appear, is believing. Google haven't stopped there, perhaps you would like to try Gmail Blue?

Or if this isn't to your taste... perhaps a treasure map would give you something to do on your Bank Holiday?! Just go to Google Maps and click on the 'Treasure' option.

The rest of the internet hasn't been idle by any means. From the BBC to the Guardian and in between strange stories abound. Some of these have been picked up by other sites, so I'm not always sure who started it!

 PC Net reports that if next day delivery isn't fast enough for you Amazon is working on a new project which will instantly deliver your merchandise - Amazon Tube.

YouTube, meanwhile, reports that its 10 year service has been a competition to find the best video and at midnight it will shut down and re-open 10 years from now when the best video is found, showing only that entry.

The BBC reports on a German flea circus. I'm not sure that Professor Heinz Mehlhorn working at Dusseldorf University actually does have a flea circus?

The Metro reports that Mars Curiosity Rover is set to quite Twitter and destroy the earth. Some very creative Photoshop editing has been going on here!

Twitter itself is going to be even harder to understand as it threatens to drop vowels and make all Tweets consonant only.

The best of the rest are shown below, they need no explanations:-

I don't know if Blogger is having technical difficulties or it is their idea of an April Fool but every hyperlink in this post had to manually coded as they all pointed to!

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