Saturday 13 July 2013

Wedding Day

Today, after over a year of planning the Better-Half and I are getting married.

Yesterday we were at the venue, setting up. Last night, in traditional manner I stayed at a hotel - the groom mustn't see the bride before the wedding!*

Now I'm just about to go and get dressed before breakfast and then the day begins!

Hair and make-up are here in two hours... the photographer a couple of hours behind.

Meanwhile; down at the venue... balloons, flowers, cakes, chair covers... busy, very busy.

Then we're of to the venue together married and share our special day with friends and family.

By the time I write here again, I'll be "Mrs"! 

The best part is that the Better-half (soon to be Husband) and I get to share this amazing day together.

Flowers from my lovely Mum to "brighten the room"

*talking on cell phones is however allowed!