Sunday 28 July 2013

We Got Married!

Henceforth the Better-half will be known as Husband. Two weeks ago we got married!

It was the most amazing day. We were totally traditional so I stayed in a hotel the night before. The day started at the crack of dawn (I was too warm, and too excited to sleep much). Breakfast was at 7:30am and the hair and make-up girls arrived at 8:30am. Whilst they were unpacking I washed my hair.

Over the next couple of hours my bridesmaids arrived, my mum (and gran) came and went and the hair and make up girls worked their magic. During this time the photographer (and his assistant arrived) and the flowers were delivered. My brother (who gave me away) arrived too and there were moments I wondered if we were going for a 'most people in a hotel room' record. The magic happened; hair, make-up and getting into the dress (including the bridesmaids doing up 23 buttons) all were accomplished.
Taken by lovely Bridesmaid Liz
We were ready to leave; my Mum had gone off to help my driver and good friend Alpha attach the ribbons to his car. And then we were off... the girls in one car and my brother and I in another. A very short trip to The Valley where we were getting married.
We chose The Valley because Husband and I met after a football match and have spent a lot of time there, so we thought it would be romantic to get married there.
A few last minute details with the registrar and so forth and suddenly there we were, 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' was playing and my brother was walking me down the aisle.Time slowed down; I actually noticed all my family and friends; but mostly Husband waiting at the Registrar's table.

The ceremony flew by. The beautiful readings we had chosen, exchanging the rings, the first kiss. Then there were the photographs... we took the group shots out in the stands. It was so hot... people kept vanishing back inside where it was air conditioned! It was great for me; as I only had my walking stick I just sat there and people climbed around me.

Then it was food time... it was great, but I was too hot and still excited to have much of an appetite. I was sensible and didn't drink much either, so at least I remembered everything. 

Husband had been dreading the speeches, but they went off just fine... suddenly were taking more photos, cutting the cake and the DJ was ready. First dance time. As I can't walk unaided we had chosen a short song for the first dance (Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World). Contrary to expectation I managed the whole dance!
First dance
The DJ was very popular with the kids (yes 'Gangnam Style' was played). The adults mostly sat around and talked, and Husband and I did a reasonable job between us mixing with our guests.

Before we knew where we were it was the end of the day... my Mum drove us to our hotel (which was amazing) and the honeymoon started!