Tuesday 1 January 2013

2013 - New Year

Just waking myself up now, as we didn't go to bed until the wee small hours. We said goodbye to 2012 with our now traditional little family party; the Better-Half, my nearly-MiL, the cat and I. We let out the old year at midnight, and there were a few neighbours down the street to wave at for the first time in years!

2012 finished wet and windy, lets face it... it rained for most of December. The weather seems to have turned over a new leaf with the calendar though and this morning the sky is almost cloudless and the sun is shining.

I'm looking back at this post from last year.

As it turned out my dislike of the Olympics was misplaced. I had the main two weeks off work, so I never noticed the traffic. Although I didn't watch any of it on the TV I did have a lovely day out when my Mum took us to the Paralympics. London's moment of glory is passed now, although as it turned out it was a moment of glory.

My aspirations worked out quite well. I did eat healthier, thanks to the Healthy Living programme from the Council... more fruit and veg, no more white bread. I do drink less than I did. Excepting special occasions only once a week... and often not even that. I have probably put on a few Christmas pounds, but when I lose those I'm down a whole 14 pounds on this time last year... and what with the Healthwise exercise which, now I have equilibrium back (touch wood), will recommence; I'm in pretty good shape. As for the positive outlook, well it doesn't always work out - but I have lots of reminders to help me out.

2013 is a whole new life for me. My work has changed, I have a new role, a new job. It's only going to be three days a week but I'm pretty excited about my new challenges... and I am working on plans for the other four days.

Biggest of all though - we are now in the Year of the Wedding. The preparations so far have been quite gentle as it was so far away, but now it's full on planning mode.