Wednesday 1 April 2009

Protests... a month early?

Traditionally (well in recent years, anyway) May Day (1st May) has been a target for anti-capitalist protesters. They have got going a month early this year as parts of London grind to a halt due to the protests in advance of the G20 Summit. Although (as always) the protests are promised as 'peaceful' there are (as always) a minority which mean that the violent clashes between police and demonstrators take place. This is always a shame as the focus is shifted  away from the message of the demonstration (which is valid) and instead concentrates on the negative aspects of the day.

Although most protests are centred in the city and around the Bank of England disruption is also expected as far afield as Buckingham Palace and the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

My entire experience of the day was a quick phone call to my mother (whose office is in the City) to make sure she was OK and watching the crowds on the lunchtime news. A good day not to be in town by all accounts!