Sunday 12 April 2009

Easter weekend

It has to be said that the long Easter weekend isn't that much different from most other weekends, given that I only work Tuesday through Thursday anyway. It feels different though. In a regular week I always feel frustrated on a Monday and a Friday because I should be working and I'm not - but the Easter weekend gives me licence to not worry about it as most other people aren't working either. Not that I've done a great deal. Friday I was absolutely shattered. I first noticed when I was making scrambled eggs for breakfast that my arm really ached after only a few seconds stirring the pan. I spent the most part of the day doing a bit of this and a bit of that, had a bath and then went to bed for a few hours in the late afternoon as I could barely lift my arms or legs, so leaden did they feel.

Saturday I decided to take the Amantadine that my Neuro prescribed for fatigue as a precaution, my plans included driving down to Kent to visit with my folks and then have lunch with some school friends and their families. I knew it would be quite a long day, and it turned out to be a good plan. Made it through the day OK - had the most superb time catching up with my friends, their husbands and their kids; I was so impressed how angelically the children all behaved! I stopped off at the shops on the way home, so didn't get in until about half four; and I by five I was in bed for my nap. I wish I could fit more naps in during the week!

The weather is (rather predictably for a Bank Holiday weekend) rather wet and miserable, not that it matters much as the extent of my going out for the rest of the weekend would probably be no more than sitting in the garden. I need to rest up for an extremely long day on Tuesday which involves an early start and several hours on the train to a site meeting in Suffolk. Yes, my special gift; inaccessible jobs. The next to which may (or may not) spring into life are in Sussex and Hertfordshire. No London jobs for me! Still, at least there are jobs... which is something in these hard times.