Monday 20 April 2009

Back to nature

Everything always seems much better when the sun is shining. Saturday afternoon I was still feeling the tail end of the side effects from Friday night's injection, and was inclined to lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself. Instead I got up and went to sit in the garden in the sunshine. There is a riot of colour a new life all over the garden, and I was kept company by a variety of wildlife from birds and bees to butterflies and pondlife.

Above is some of the riot of colour and new growth in our shrubberies and flower beds; and yes, I know some of those are weeds, but they are beautiful all the same (and the bees and butterflies like them!).

Our neighbours doves took an interest in the garden proceedings form their usual perch on the roof (I could actually hear them cooing through the roof when I was in the bedroom) and the wood pigeon (distant relation of the dove) is waiting for something to eat (breadcrusts are often scattered on the patio).

The magpie retreated to the tree at the end of the garden after several drinking forays to the pond, I keep an eye on them as I don't want them to fly off in the wrong direction and get stuck in the netting. The squirrel is leaving the garden as none of the food left out for the birds is to his liking!

And here is Jaws, living up to his name! We did see his little friend (briefly) over the weekend, but Rich saw the small fish this morning and it was behaving in the manner that many of tank fish did prior to their demises; swimming around in circles or just floating at the top of the water - since then no sign, so it may be that Jaws really is all alone.