Friday 24 April 2009

The end of an era?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Yahoo pulls the plug on GeoCities

Once upon a time the internet was a lot smaller. There was a lot less out there and a lot less ways to interact with what there was (if at all).

For most people their first experience of internet interactivity (apart from email and chatrooms) was probably something like Geocities. You could easily make your own fairly simple pages... about whatever interested you. With a little bit of HTML know-how you could get more polished pages with richer content. As dial-up died a death and broadband became prevalent pages stopped worrying about how long they would take to load. Simple HTML died a death and more complicated codes like php, Java and Ajax came along.

Why would you bother to code a page yourself... why would you bother to host a page yourself... why think of content and layout when all you need to do with the likes of Facebook and MySpace, and let's face it - even Blogger is just tick a few boxes and away you go.

My first ever webpages were on Geocities and they served me well. I, for one, shall be sorry to see them go.