Friday 20 March 2009

Toothace and other irritations

Earlier this week I had an earache. I hate earache as nothing much cures it. Yesterday evening it turned out not to be earache at all but mixed messages in my brain as the pain was actually toothache. Last time I had a tooth it was gone by the time I woke up the next day. Not this time. Still terrible toothache.

Now time for a confession. I'm a terrible grown-up. I don't have a dentist. I can barely even remember the last time I saw a dentist, but I fear it may be ten years ago. The problem is, unlike NHS healthcare which doesn't cost money (well, not directly anyway) NHS dental care does. For the longest time I just couldn't find the money... and when I was finally about to do the grown-up thing and get a dental plan they cut my hours at work and I couldn't afford it again! Anyway, I've found a dentist who is taking NHS patients so I'm calling them tomorrow to schedule appointments for me and Rich (who also has toothache).

As if this isn't enough I've also been suffering this week from the mysterious itch. Mysterious only because my doctor cannot explain it or cure it, only treat it. I take anti-histamines which help it somewhat, but as i hadn't suffered from it any since last year the prescription had run out. Horror. All week I've felt like the rhino in the Just So Stories who itched his skin loose. Mine doesn't come loose though, unless you count the blisters where I itch myself raw. I've tried no eating things, not drinking things, not using fragrences and chemicals. Nothing works. The occasional and unpredictable nature of the itching, coupled with the fact that heat and exercise exacerbate the problem leads me to suspect that the problem is likely neurological in origin. Not that it matters, the itching (head, hands, feet, legs, chest, back... everywhere) has been driving me mad... I've been sleeping with the window open to keep cool... covering myself in E45 itch relief cream... sent the prescription to the doctor and bought some emergency anti-histamines from the supermarket meantime. I'm seeing my MS nurse on Monday so I might bring it up with her.

My final complaint of the day is the supermarket petrol station. They have put a new 'time saving' intiative on all the pumps. A card reader to pay at pump. They held up the whole queue into the station while a perky girl told every customer. What she didn't say was that you had to choose whether to pay at pump or not BEFORE the pump would dispense petrol. I stuck the hose in and waited... and waited... and called over one of the helpers to ask why the pump wasn't working. You have to choose he told me... clearly they need a bigger sign to tell you that... or perhaps perky should have been telling people. I was by no means the only one either. The solution... PA system operated from inside calling out "Pump Four mumble mumble mumlbe" - very helpful. My ten minute stop for gas took twice that... and I only go to the Sainsbury to get loyalty points - Asda is usually a penny cheaper!

I've just noticed whilst I've been writing this... the clove chewing might have been vile but the toothache has subsided from total agony to bearable pain. Full marks for cloves!