Monday 16 March 2009

Spring is sprung

The weather in SE7 this afternoon is glorious, mild and sunny - a perfect spring day. I'm not the only one who thinks so either... whilst enjoying the sunshine I noticed a huge amount of birds, insects and amphibians also enjoying the sunshine.

The cherry tree and other plant life herald the arrival of spring!

"Big fat pigeon" half of one of several pairs of collared doves, taking up residence in the 'berry tree' a home and source of food all in one!

Even the sinister looking rooks are not immune... I first noticed them calling to each other from two separate trees, and then they got together in the same tree (before on fell of the far too small branch!).

This tree is full of birds - if you look carefully you might see a beak poking out... that is certainly what our neighbour's cat was doing (from the safety of the fence).

And not forgetting the frogs, who seem to have started their frog-spawn acitivies in earnest!