Monday 23 March 2009

Just another Monday

The beautiful fresh spring weather which characterised last week and the weekend finally departed today. In place we were left with some early April showers. It was the sort of wet and blustery day I remember from childhood visits to the beach; at several stops along my way today a kite would not have been out of place! The air was so damp at one point I could almost taste it!

First thing this morning saw a trip to the hosiptal to see the MS Nurse. I always begrudge these appointments somewhat. I know I am lucky to have my MS Nurse whilst many people do not - she is an absolute miracle for me... always helpful and supportive and informative. It is the fact of the visit, which when mingled with the Neuro appointments, neccessitates my presence at the hospital every three months or so. Today went pretty well though. I was the first appointement of the day so they hadn't had time to get behind yet... as I'm seeing the Neuro in about six weeks I didn't need to go and get any bloods done (double bonus as the queue when I walked past was awful). Not a lot to say really. Old medication has finished (thank goodness) but new hasn't started. We did discuss the monster itching and I was told that if the anti-histamines didn't provide sufficient respite there were other options which would control the 'sensory abnormalities'.

Next stop the windy Greenwich Peninsula and a brief trip to B&Q to buy a 'solar oxygenator' for the pond. The water has been looking a ghastly murky colour and the plant life doesn't seem to be resurrecting itself quite as fast as usual. Not enough sun to power the solar charge to see how well it is going to work yet.

It should have then been a quick trip to the library but my local library now doesn't open until after lunmch on a Monday. It  may not be long until I try a different library in the Borough anyway as Charlton House Library is extremely small and I seem to be running out of books that I want to read.

I received a phone call early this morning from my father. I had happend to mention to my mother yesterday that I was suffering from tootache, and knowing me as well as she does it followed that she requested my father to call me and offer to accompany me to the dentist. I thanked him for his kind point (at which point he admitted he was under instruction) and pointed out that as I had yet to register with a dentist it was unlikely that I would be getting an appointment for this end of the week. Having duly registered with the dentist it turns out that you can call in the morning for an 'emergency' same day appoinment so that is what I shall be doing on Friday.

Good things to note: the tootache has settled down into a constant not to agonising ache as opposed to the raging agony of Friday evening, and the supermarket anti-histamines I bought to tide me over until I get my prescription re-filled are doing a good job and the incessant itching as calmed down to very occasional itches. Bad things to note: there are only a couple of doses of Betaferon left and there has been no contact from the Avonex people to come and remind me how to administer it (all I remember is that it is different!); and my memory is having a particularly sluggish day today - whilst talking to the Nurse this morning I spent several seconds completely at a loss for the word to complete my sentence (lucky she guessed what I wanted to say), and it has happened several times sitting here typing. Not that it matters much but it is particularly frustrating and embarrassing.

Oh yeah, and worst thing of all to note - more than likely have to go on a site visit to darkest Suffolk this week (unless I can talk the client out of it). Oh for a site in London, ah well far-flung jobs are better than no jobs at all.