Friday 13 March 2009


An enormous cardboard box just arrived at my house. It is the Avonex already. The saga of the bad injection site reactions with the Betaferon was resolved in the end. Change back to Avonex. The reasoning being that it is a) once weekly and b) intramusclar so reactions are less likely... and c) when I took it before there were never any problems.

Just in time for Summer. Not that I'm particuarly bothered or wear clothes showing acreage of skin but the marks on my arms would have shown if I wore short sleeved shirts in the summer... and they look rather like bad bruises (at best) and horrible scabby messes (at worst).

The Avonex takes a delightfully small amount of space for a month's supply (compared to the Betaferon) I don't even mind that it is living in the fridge! All the other associated supplies take the space... cool bag, travel bag, information folder.

I just need to wait for the nurse to call now... just to remind me how to take the Avonex, and then I'm all set.