Tuesday 10 March 2009

Tuesday things

Excellent start to my morning today. The bus I got on had a broken Oyster reader, so the driver was waving on all passengers... including those who would normally pay a cash fare but were pretending to have an Oyster. Free ride to London meant that I could get another bus from Whitehall to Piccadilly instead of having to take a long walk. Ironically that bus had the revenue inspectors get on at the next stop. I wondered why the guy next to me suddenly swiped his card... he must have been a seasoned fare dodger and spotted them in advance of the stop. Yes, of course it was a bendy bus.

My little corner of Mayfair has turned into an urban wildlife habitat. The light-well/fire escape area behind our building has been inhabited by about a dozen love-sick pigeons. All you can hear from the common areas is incessant 'coo-ing' and when I looked out of the window so intent were they on their courtships that they didn't even notice and carried on puffing and strutting regardless.

I'm hoping that there is better dissemination of information than the white-board at North Greenwich station. According to an obviously hastily written sign tomorrow night's concert at the O2 starring Tina Turner has been cancelled. Now what are the odds that more than about half a percent of the attendance will be passing through the station on the night prior to the Concert?

I had a moment of panic at North Greenwich when I couldn't find my iPod in my (admittedly capcious) work bag. I sent Rich a text asking if it was at home. Of course it was, came the reply. It would appear that I had made a conscious decision in the morning not to take it with me. Further evidence of my truly appaling memory. The frequent failure of my memory is excellent for enjoying books, movies and TV shows for a second time as if new - but it is getting to be quite irritating in day to day life!